Guidelines for the Submission of Manuscripts

The Canadian Military Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts on topics of broad significance to the defence community in Canada,including,but not limited to, security and defence policy, strategic issues, doctrine, operations, force structures, the application of technology, equipment procurement, military history, leadership, training and military ethics. Forward-looking pieces which present original concepts or ideas, new approaches to old problems and fresh interpretation are especially welcome.        

Authors are asked to note the following general guidelines:

      All manuscripts normally (unless commissioned) will be reviewed anonymously by at least two external readers from the Editorial Board, who will make recommendations to the Editor as to suitability for publication. Manuscripts will be judged on the originality and quality of the argument or discussion, the relevance and timeliness of the topic, and on quality of the writing style. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the Canadian Military Journal insists upon right of first publication of any given submission.      

     The Deputy Minister and Chief of the Defence Staff have delegated authority to approve manuscripts for publication in the Canadian Military Journal to the Editor acting on recommendations of the Editorial Board, so serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces and civilian employees of the Department of National Defence are not required to obtain prior clearance from their superior when submitting a manuscript.       

     The Editor reserves the right to edit manuscripts for style, grammar and length, but will not make editorial changes which affect the integrity of the argument or discussion without reference to the author. Manuscripts that are not accepted for publication will be returned to the author, if desired. No copy of unpublished manuscripts will be retained by the Canadian Military Journal, the Editorial Board or the Department of National Defence.